Joey Till – Co-Founder of Sweat Klub

Joey is one of the two founders of Sweat Klub which is a functional training pop up bootcamp set in exciting locations through out Berlin. Head Sweat Klub coaches Joey and Harry pride themselves on creating a strong balanced workout that is rooted in the science of motivation. Fuelled by a humour injection and infectious enthusiasm, they will help each participant push themselves to their limits whilst developing their endurance and conditioning strength and flexibility. After a Sweat Klub session you will leave energized, dripping with sweat and coupled with a sense of peaceful satisfaction that only comes from physical exhaustion.

#What is your athletic background? Why did you decide to become an instructor?

Fitness has always been a big part of my life even from an early age where i used to compete in athletics competitions via school in London. From here I continued training for longer runs and taking part in many half marathons and eventually a full marathon. I grew up in London and then working in central London as a fashion photographer for 10 years part of this job implemented lots of training techniques and management skills. When I moved to Berlin I transferred these skills and studied to become a personal trainer and ride instructor.

#What was your attention to found the Sweat Klub?

Sweat Klub evolved when myself and my buisness partner Harry wanted to create a group fitness event that felt very inclusive. Sometimes you attend classes or go to gyms and everyone has their headphones on, no one speaks to each other, everyone is all pumped up and it can feel a little aggressive. This can be very unwelcoming and quite scary so we wanted to create a community of Sweat Klubbers where everyone is welcome and feels comfortable to workout. We wanted people to come and sweat but also to have fun, to make new friends and to really enjoy fitness as much as Harry and I do.

#What is special about the Sweat Klub?

Sweat Klub is special as we are classed as a pop up fitness event so we try to use different locations around the city. We have done events outside in Hasenheide, on a roof top running track in Ku’damm and at lululemon’s fitness festival Sweat Life at Badeschiff. We have also found our home for the winter months at Argo Athletics which is an amazing warehouse space in Pankow. We always try to find new spaces that are different from what other people are using and that also add something new to the workout.

#What can people expect if they join a Sweat Klub Workout?

If you join a Sweat Klub workout expect to work hard but also have a lot of fun. The community at Sweat Klub really is special and this is what we want new customers to exeperience and enjoy about our workouts. Everyone really connects and they help each other through the sessions. We always like to format some sort of team workout as well where the Sweat Klubbers have to work together to complete. This really helps our clients to bond and creates a great atmosphere. We also curate a special electronic music mix which takes the participants on a journey through their workout, to really push them to their limits. We bring the dance floor to the traning sessions!

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